Our Clients' Experience Tells it All

After suffering a minor catastrophe last week, I was surprised to learn how far someone could go to not only meet a person’s needs, but go above the call of duty to exceed them.

Upon coming into my home (APT 3B at Gracie Mansion) last Wednesday, I was shocked to discover that the washer machine had over-flooded my place. Over the course of the following few hours, your maintenance man, Kenneth, came to my complete rescue. Upon immediately calling the cleanup crew (who were not able to come for some time), he proceeded to start cleaning up himself.

Commencing with a shop-vac and getting down on his hands and knees (disregarding ruining his own pants), he cleaned the entire place to the best of his ability. And CLEAN IT HE DID! His attention to detail and thoroughness were second to none.

During the course of this entire event, Kenneth was truly amazing. As he had just been called in from off the clock, had his family waiting in the car the entire time (waiting to go to dinner), and inclement tornado weather and sirens were looming all around, I kept insisting that he leave and take his family. Kenneth, totally unnecessarily, kept insisting that he “HAD TO STAY” and “COULDN’T LEAVE” me.

He stuck it out to the moment the cleanup crew arrived.

This was more than anyone could have asked for and far more than was required of him.

I just want to openly commend him as a worker, a person and my savior that night. Flake Kelley is truly lucky to have him on staff.

Ya know, I think there is a true epidemic in our society and culture when it comes to appropriate levels of customer service. He is the true definition of the cure to that epidemic.

Tenant, Gracie Mansion

I was thinking about our recent trip to South Bend as well as the other work that we had done in the last few months and wanted you to know how impressed we’ve been by the quality of your team.

I think that Phillip Schmidt has done a particularly good job. He’s obviously a very smart and hard working young man. He also brings a thoughtful and insightful prospective to each project that is quite striking for someone at his age and experience levels. As we say Texas, you got yourself a keeper!

We’re proud to be working with you, Phillip and the rest of your team. And I’m very confident that we’re going to do some very interesting things together.

Tom Stephenson, CEO, Look Cinemas

I wanted to pass along to you what a tremendous help Flake & Kelley Commercial was last week at Medical Towers I. As you know, our elevators have been quite a challenge the past couple of months and last week was no different.

Flake & Kelley was right on top of the elevator situation and communicated excellent with both Dr. Dinehart and myself, keeping us informed every step of the emergency repairs that were occurring and what our elevator situation would be for the next day. Needed repairs were reported to Board members and approved and work began within a few hours, which was imperative for patient care to continue in the building.

I truly appreciate the team work that occurred last week and thought I should pass that on to you.

Carey Thompson, Real Estate Manager, Baptist Health

Consistency and stability are sometimes difficult to find these days when leasing commercial real estate. Since signing our first lease at Breckenridge Village over 16 years ago Flake & Kelley has always managed the center; furthermore, we have only had two property managers in all that time. Lease renewals are fair and painless, there have been no complicated and expensive year end cost reconciliations and maintenance issues are dealt with promptly and professionally. Perhaps most importantly, Flake & Kelley and the owners of the center truly seem to understand the importance of fostering a harmonious, symbiotic relationship with their tenants.

Despite attractive offers to move our business to trendier areas that have developed downtown and further west, we elected to stay in Breckenridge Village and it has proven to be a decision that has served us well. With a great combination of easy access from all areas of the city and beyond, broad name recognition, the owner’s commitment to continual upgrades of the property, competitive lease rates and a great tenant mix, I believe that now, more than ever, Breckenridge Village is perfectly positioned to reap the rewards of the city’s continued westward growth. We look forward to another 16 years of counting our Breckenridge Village location among our most important business assets.

Jeffrey Jones, The Loony Bin Comedy Club

I would recommend Flake & Kelley for you commercial real estate needs. Hank Kelley and his associate Brooke Miller gave our small commercial property the same attention as a multimillion dollar structure. The Flake & Kelley team worked hard to find the right buyer for our property and gave us wise council for pricing and negotiation. They were able to convert our property to sale in this tough economic market. Hank and Brooke paid attention to every detail and answered our concerns throughout the process. Flake & Kelley showed our small partnership an exceptional commitment to customer service. They were there for us through listing, negotiation, offer and acceptance, closing and details after the sale. I will choose them again for my commercial real estate needs.

MJ Orellano, Member, SGCMJG, LLC